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Escape from the pursuit of the KPK, the Regent of Central Mamberano Papua Assisted by Aipda AI | merdeka.com

Escape from the pursuit of the KPK, the Regent of Central Mamberano Papua Assisted by Aipda AI |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – Central Mamberamo Regent Ricky Ham Pagawak (RHP) fled when he was forcibly picked up by the Eradication Commission investigators Corruption (KPK). It is known, he was assisted by a member Police initials Aipda AI.

This was stated by the Head of the Papua Police Propam Kombes Police Gustav Urbinas.

“Aipda AI together with RHP (flying from Bokondini to Jayapura) then prepared vehicles and communication tools,” explained Gustav, Saturday (16/7).

Apart from Aipda AI, two Polri personnel, namely Bripka JW and Bripka EW, were found involved in bribery and gratification cases for development projects in Central Mamberamo Regency, Papua Province.

Currently, the three are undergoing examination at the Propam Division of the Papua Police.

“We are currently securing three Papuan Police personnel, Aipda AI, Bripka JW and one brought from Kobagma Bripka EW,” he said.

For Aipda AI has also been investigated by KPK investigators in Jayapura. Gustav explained, three police So far, he has been the aide and personal bodyguard (Walpri) of RHP.

The former Jayapura City Police Chief also confirmed that the three police officers would be examined and undergo a code of ethics trial. Besides being suspected of helping RHP avoid the KPK legal process, Gustav continued, they were also uncooperative when asked to report to their respective units.

“They will be detained for a maximum of 30 days as long as it is in our interests to investigate or to assist the KPK investigation,” he said.

Gustav explained that shortly after the order for the withdrawal of the aide and Walpri RHP) to report themselves, the three members actually seemed to be avoiding and not carrying out the order.

“That means they run away. Since they didn’t report it, we had to make an effort to arrest them,” he said.

Aipda AI and Bripka JW are known to be members of the Papua Police Mobile Brigade Headquarters, while Bripka EW are members of the Central Mamberamo Police.

Escape to PNG

Meanwhile, Dirkrimsus Polda Papua Kombes Faizal said the search for RHP was carried out in almost all corners of Jayapura. Finally, it was discovered that on Thursday (14/7) morning, RHP was seen at Skouw Market, which is the border area between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. So there is a strong suspicion that RHP has now fled to the country.

“Lastly, we got information that he was delivered at Skouw Market, Thursday (14/7) morning. We are still trying, we are spreading our network of contacts next door,” he said.



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