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Egypt’s top archaeologist claims to have found Queen Nefertiti’s mummy | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Renowned Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass has revealed he may have found the mummy of Queen Nefertiti, the illustrious queen of Ancient Egypt. If Hawass’s claim is true, it will shake the world of Egyptian science.

“I’m sure I will reveal Nefertiti’s mummy in a month or so,” Hawass said in an interview with Spanish newspaper El Independiente, quoted from TRT World, Friday (23/9).

Hawass is currently preparing the exhibition “The Daughters of the Nile” highlighting the women who lived in the era of the Pharaohs.

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Nefertiti was the reigning queen of the 14th century BC. She was the wife of King Akhenaten who reigned from 1253-1336 BC. Some scholars, including Hawass believe Nefertiti ruled Egypt after her husband’s death, before her son Tutenkhamen ascended the throne.

“I’m still looking for two things: the grave (of Nefertiti) and the body,” Hawass said.

“I strongly believe Nefertiti ruled Egypt for three years after Akhenaten’s death under the name Smenkhkare,” continued the former Egyptian Antiquities Minister.

A number of mummies of the Pharaohs and important figures at that time have been found by archaeologists, but Nefertiti’s mummy has not been found.

“We have DNA from 18th dynasty mummies, from Akhenaten to Amenhotep II or III and there are two mummies that don’t have names labeled KV21a and b,” Hawass said.

“In October, we were able to announce the discovery of the mummy of Ankhesenamun, Tutankhamun’s wife, and his mother, Nefertiti. There is also in the KV35 grave the mummy of a 10-year-old boy. If the child is Tuntakhamun’s brother and Akhenaten’s son, Nefertiti’s problem will be resolved,” he continued. .

“I’m sure I’ll uncover two unnamed mummies of rersebyt that could be Nefertiti.”

Archaeologists believe that many ancient Egyptian mummies and remains remain undiscovered, although excavations have been carried out over the last few centuries.

“We’ve only found about 30 percent of everything buried. A few days ago a mission found graves inside some houses in Alexandria,” Hawass explained.

“Modern Egypt was built on top of Ancient (Egypt). And that’s why the remains that are still hidden are so huge.” [pan]

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