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Dozens of Young Artists Chosen for Ismail Marzuki’s Musical


AFTER a series of audition programs by Mentjari Bang Maing and Djoewita, 29 participants were selected to participate in the production of the musical series on the life story of the great Indonesian composer, Ismail Marzuki or also known as Bang Maing. The selected participants will take part in a series of activities for the production process.

A total of 29 participants were selected from a total of more than 250 applicants from various regions in Indonesia, including outside Java and from eastern Indonesia. Indonesia Kaya Program Director (www.indonesiakaya.com) Renitasari Adrian in a press release received by Media Indonesia, Tuesday (2/8), stated that the participants had extraordinary talents.

“Of course, the curation process takes quite a long time because the participants who participate in this activity have extraordinary talents. From the audition process, we were able to select 29 participants consisting of 17 males and 12 females to participate in the production of this musical series,” he said.

This musical about Ismail Marzuki was the brainchild of Indonesia Kaya in collaboration with director Garin Nugroho and Boow Live. The book, entitled Seabad Ismail Marzuki: Senandung Me Lintas Zaman by Ninok Leksono, is also one of the references in the making of this musical series.

Prior to holding hybrid auditions, Indonesia Kaya held online auditions for Mentjari Bang Maing and Djoewita from January 14 to March 13, 2022. The audition process, which was held online, provided qualifications for participants aged 18 years and over, possessing acting, vocal, dance skills. , and playing musical instruments (not mandatory). This stage is a filter which then selected 100 participants to audition hybridly in Jakarta, in April.

The judges at this stage were Indonesia Kaya program director Renitasari Adrian, executive producer of the musical Ismail Marzuki – Garin Nugroho, and representatives from the Nusantara Musical Theater (Teman) Chriskevin Adefrid, and several parties involved in the production of Ismail Marzuki’s musical.

In two days of implementation, the judges have directly assessed the ability of the participants. Each participant who took part in this hybrid audition was asked to read a line of dialogue, dance a little from the choreography, and sing two songs by Ismail Marzuki.

“We found many young artists who have good talents and talents in acting, dancing, singing, and also playing music. Through this program, I, together with www.indonesiakaya.com and also Boow Live, open up opportunities for the younger generation to continue to work and show their abilities in the performing arts world,” said Garin. He also hopes that this audition process will give birth to new artists and become part of the regeneration process for stage artists. (M-1)


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