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Distribution of BLT in Kebumen Allegedly Becomes Aji’s Target While Village Government | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – The government of Kebumen Regency distributes direct cash assistance (BLT) for fuel oil subsidies (BBM) to citizens gradually. According to the information gathered, the aid disbursed was Rp. 500 thousand, which was divided into Rp. 200 thousand for BLT for basic necessities, and Rp. 300 thousand for BLT for fuel subsidies.

In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Manpower Number 10 of 2022, the amount of assistance provided should be IDR 600 thousand in one stage. However, in practice, the BLT is distributed in two stages, namely in September and November.

According to one resident who received BLT, Bawon Lestari (45) from Gadungrejo Village, Klirong District, admitted that he was recommended by village officials so that the nominal BLT of Rp200 thousand was spent on basic necessities.

“So on September 10 yesterday, Rp. 500 thousand was given, of which Rp. 300 thousand was said to help increase gasoline prices, then the Rp. 200 thousand was for assistance in buying basic commodities,” said Bawon to merdeka.com, Thursday (22/9).

Some of the village government also made this opportunity as a field for business. They provide various kinds of basic needs to be sold to residents who have just received BLT, including Gadungrejo and Pandanlor Villages.

“So when I got the money in the amount of Rp. 500 thousand, the Rp. 200 thousand was immediately ordered to go shopping at the Village Hall, whether it was oil, eggs, sugar, rice, but it was recommended to spend even though not all of it. He said so that it would not be misused for other needs,” continued Bawon.

Meanwhile, the Pandanlor Village government, Klirong District, Kebumen Regency, has another policy regarding the distribution of this BLT, namely requiring the BLT recipient community to spend the basic food assistance funds to the village government. They have prepared a food package worth Rp. 150,000 which contains eight kilograms of rice, two kilograms of sugar, and one liter of cooking oil.

According to Pandanlor Village residents who received BLT, the village government took too much advantage of this opportunity. After they did the calculations, the basic food packages sold by the village only reached a price of Rp. 120 thousand, in which case the village was suspected of taking quite a lot of profit from the BLT beneficiaries.

According to Sulis (20), a member of the Karangtaruna Pandanlor Village who helped distribute the BLT, admitted that he did not know the village government’s motive for setting the price of basic necessities that did not match the market price.

“I don’t understand, because the Karang Taruna party was only told to help pack the basic food packages, as well as help sell the basic food packages on the D day of the BLT distribution, so if the money is fortunately where and for what, I don’t understand,” said Sulis.

On the other hand, Yuidah (68) who is also a BLT recipient from Gadungrejo Village, admitted that the Rp 500 thousand a month aid was not sufficient for her family’s living needs, in the midst of rising material prices. However, the woman who is familiarly called Idah is still grateful because she is still getting attention from the government, especially for underprivileged people like herself.

“Actually, it’s not enough Rp. 500 thousand a month, how much does it cost to eat for the family a day, not yet pocket money for school children. But it’s okay, I’m still grateful, Alkhamdulillah, the government is still paying attention to me. I also cover household needs while selling Golak, no fully rely on government assistance,” said Idah.

Reporter: Princess Oktafiana



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