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Digitizing Selling Out, Effective Ways to Manage Distributors and Boost Sales | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Distribution activities are an important part of economic activity. The distribution process allows products from manufacturers or producers to arrive and be accepted by consumers.

However, distribution activities have their own level of difficulty and challenges. To solve this, manufacturers generally require distributors to use a distribution management system (DMS), which is designed to meet the needs of the manufacturer according to its business strategy.

Regarding this DMS issue, experienced distribution solutions company PT Firmus Solusindo provides an innovative solution for alternating distributors called Firmus Transaction Acquisition System (Firmus TAS).

Firmus TAS is an information management system for managing alternating data. So the distributor simply sends operational transactions according to the distributor’s version, then intelligently and accurately, Firmus TAS will acquire the data on the transaction. As a result, data alternating distributors are ready to be used by manufacturers.

And distributors can also still use their internal systems, so that the various obstacles and complexities of administration, accounting, taxation, and data integration are no longer there. Distributors can also use a single system for their company’s needs.

Firmus TAS has been designed to acquire alternating data from various internal distributor applications. Furthermore, the system will process multi-distributor alternating data in real time, so that manufacturers can easily, anytime, and anywhere know the distribution of their products.

This includes knowing which stores or distribution channels buy or do not buy their products. Then whether the distributor’s sales are in line with the target and the manufacturer can find out the market expansion carried out by the distributor.

Hadi Buntoro, Director of PT Firmus Solusindo, explained that Firmus TAS will help manufacturers to digitize the alternating out effectively and efficiently, both in terms of cost and time. With easy and fast implementation, investment is affordable, and manufacturers get Best Practice Secondary Sales Dashboard immediately.

“So, Firmus TAS is an innovative solution for selling out distributors to increase sales. We are ready to support and make it easier for manufacturers to manage their distributors,” concluded Hadi.



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