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Different Than Others, These Mango Chips Make Snacking Moments Happier | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Mangoes are often eaten fresh, especially on a hot day. If not, this mango is usually used as fruit juice to quench thirst. If it’s a young mango, it is usually still processed into wet food, such as salad or pickles.

However, you know, it turns out that this mango fruit can also be used as a dry snack, in the form of mango chips. Of course, special techniques are needed to make it, and only a few can make it. However, if you are interested in trying it, citizens Jakarta can rely on Dapoer Aunt Alan who has a mainstay of mango chips. Like what?

Using Fresh Mangoes

┬ęSweet and Delicious/Dapoer Aunt Alan

Not all types of mangoes can be used to make these mango chips. However, Dapoer Tante Alan knows very well which type of mango is good for chips. The mango fruit is still fresh and has a sweet taste.

Through years of skill and experience, Dapoer Tante Alan then processes the fresh mangoes until they lose the water, but retain the starch and nutritional content in them.

The process is continued, until the mango is completely dry, until the texture turns crispy like a chip. After that, these mango chips are put in hygienic and safe packaging, so that the quality is maintained until it reaches the customer’s hands.

Can Last For 12 Months

Good manufacturing process, making mango chips made by Dapoer Tante Alan is claimed by the seller to last up to 12 months since ordering.

Moreover, these mango chips are made directly from their place of origin in Lampung, so the taste quality is truly authentic. In addition, good packaging makes this product safe to be sent to various destinations.

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