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Delicious for Lunch, Delicious Brulee Bomb Makes You Addictive | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – In addition to eating the main dish, during the day it’s good to have delicious snacks. A dish with a soft texture, and stuffed with beef with a mixture of melted mozzarella cheese inside. Apparently, anyone will be addicted when eating it.

The good news is, descriptions of such dishes are not hard to find in Jakarta. At Bake House Artisan Made, you can easily find all these delicious yet appetizing creations. One of his famous creations is the brulee bomb. What is it like?

Made from High Quality Materials

This Brulee bomb made by Bake House Artisan Made is a delicious snack made from high quality ingredients. From ground beef, mozzarella cheese to bechamel sauce.

These ingredients are then created into a round brulee bomb. It contains ground beef that has been mixed with bechamel sauce and mozzarella cheese.

©Manis Sedap Baru/Bake House Artisan Made

Bake House Artisan Made makes it very well, so the filling doesn’t break when fried. On the other hand, this special filling will be a surprise when you chew it.

This is because there is a sensation of exploding like a bomb when eating the brulee bomb made by Bake House Artisan Made earlier. Moreover, if eaten warm, the delicacy really has no medicine if young people say today.

Packaged in a Safe and Hygienic Premium Box

The quality of this brulee bomb made by Bake House Artisan Made will also be maintained until it reaches the customer’s hands. This is because Bake House Artisan Made packs this special menu in a safe and hygienic premium box.

In one box contains 10 brulee bombs that are just the right size to be devoured. Want to be eaten alone or eaten together with family during the day at home, it’s equally delicious. So, don’t hesitate to order it now at ManisdanSedap.com.

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