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Delicious and Practical Tom Yam Meatball Recipe by Chef Devina Hermawan

Delicious and Practical Tom Yam Meatball Recipe by Chef Devina Hermawan

Baso aci is processed food from aci originating from Garut, West Java. The shape is similar to meatballs but slightly smaller because it is made from wheat flour and tapioca flour. While the sauce from Baso Aci is a spicy broth.

The combination of the chewy aci with the fresh spicy sauce makes the baso aci culinary perfect for a midday snack. For those of you who love spicy food, this dish is a must try.

Celebrity chef Devina Hermawan shared the creation of a practical recipe for Baso Aci Tom Yam a la Shopee during the Shopee Conversation 8.8 Supermarket Discount Party entitled “Tips to Carefully Manage Food Ingredients Stay Fresh”.

Chef Devina shares the Baso Aci Tom Yam recipe which is very practical for those of you who are beginners.

Excerpted from the written press release received Indonesian Media, Tuesday (26/7), here is the recipe for Baso Aci Tom Yam by Chef Devina Hermawan that you can make at home.

Filling Material:
1 pack of meatballs Aci Bone Rangu
150 grams of shrimp with skin
6 pcs of mushroom, cut
500 gr shrimp with skin
100 gr white oyster mushrooms, shredded (optional)
1-2 tbsp fish sauce
1/2 tsp salt and seasoning
1 tbsp sugar
700ml water
1-2 limes

Seasoning Ingredients:
2 Spring onions
2 cloves of garlic
4 dried chilies, soaked in hot water
4 pieces of red curly chili
1 sachet of shrimp paste
1 lemongrass stalk, sliced ​​(take only the white part)
1 cm galangal, sliced
enough Oil
enough water

Aromatic Ingredients:
1 lemongrass stalk, crushed (take the green one / the rest of the part)
1 piece of galangal, sliced
1 kaffir lime leaf
3 stalks of coriander leaves
1 tomato, cut
6 pieces of red chili

How to make:

1. Separate the prawns from the skin, remove the prawns and then wash them thoroughly.

2. Heat a little oil, saute the shrimp shells until fragrant and dry then add water, cook for 10 minutes, strain the shrimp broth.

3. Blend the spices until smooth consisting of the white part of the lemon grass, galangal, onion, garlic, shrimp paste, curly chili, dry chili, oil, and enough water.

4. Saute ground spices over medium heat until fragrant and the oil dries up, then set aside.

5. Pour the shrimp broth into the pan, add the Aci meatballs, lemongrass, galangal, tomatoes, lime leaves, stir-fry ground spices, mix well. At this stage do not add too much water.

6. Add fish sauce, salt, sugar, seasoning, cayenne pepper, and lime juice, cook for 3 minutes.

7. Enter the shrimp and coriander leaves, mix well. Baso Aci Tom Yam is ready to be served.(M-4)


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