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Death of Iranian Woman Arrested for Not Wearing Hijab Triggers Mass Demonstration | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – An Iranian woman dies after being arrested police sharia for not wearing the hijab. Mahsa Amini’s death sparked mass protests in Iran.

Public anger has emerged since authorities announced the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini on Friday. He died in hospital three days after falling into a coma, after he was arrested by police during a visit to Tehran on September 13.

Demonstrations took place in a number of cities such as Tehran, including at several universities, as well as in the city of Mashhad. On Sunday, police arrested a number of demonstrators in Amini’s hometown in Kurdistan province.

The demonstrators condemned the actions of the “moral police” who arrested Amini. A number of demonstrators also chanted “Death to the Islamic republic!”.

“Hundreds of people shouted slogans against the authorities, some of them took off their headscarves,” Fars news agency reported.

Police arrested several people and dispersed the crowd using batons and tear gas.”

Students protested at Tehran University and Shahid Beheshti University demanding clarification on the cause of Amini’s death.

The moral police unit establishes dress codes, including requiring women to wear headscarves. The police also forbid wearing tight pants, holey jeans, shirts that reveal the knees, and brightly colored clothes.

The police denied any torture against Amini. Head police Tehran’s General Hossein Rahimi said on Sunday that Amini had violated the dress code, and that his party had asked the victim’s family to bring her covered clothes. Rahimi also denied allegations that Amini died due to acts of violence.

Film producers, artists, athletes, political and religious figures expressed their condemnation on social media over Amini’s death. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi ordered an investigation into the case. [pan]

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