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Dear Seller, Here are 5 Environmentally Friendly Packaging Inspirations for Your Items

Dear Seller, Here are 5 Environmentally Friendly Packaging Inspirations for Your Items

Suara.com – Environmental issues are getting louder and louder. One that is increasingly being highlighted is the waste problem. Of course this is a problem for all of us, which must be found a solution. Including if you are a seller, who definitely needs packaging for the items you sell.

Eco-friendly packaging could be a solution for those of you who want to help reduce waste on this earth. Not only minimizing waste, but also making your merchandise unique and different.

Quoting from the Ninja Xpress blog, using packaging environmentally friendly, will form a good image because you are also responsible for the preservation of nature. And that image will increase the attractiveness of the community, especially those who apply a sustainable living lifestyle, to buy and use the products you sell.

Then, what are the recommendations for environmentally friendly packaging to choose from? This is the inspiration.

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1. Cardboard or Cardboard
Both of these packages are considered environmentally friendly because they are easy to recycle and decompose naturally, starting from 2 to 6 weeks. Moreover, cardboard can also be reused by consumers, for example as a storage container, or other packaging.

2. Canvas Bag
Several fashion brands have used environmentally friendly packaging in the form of canvas bags. And canvas bags can be reused by consumers for shopping or other objects.

3. Bamboo Packaging
For those of you whose business is in the food industry, packaging from bamboo can be the right choice because it will add to the uniqueness and aesthetic side. Plus, bamboo is a natural material that is very easy to decompose or recycle.

4. Corn Skin
Corn husk packaging is made of waste paper, wood glue, starch, and corn husk. This one packaging can replace plastic packaging on food. The shape is easy to fold and form into an attractive container.

5. Woven Leaves
Water hyacinth leaves, banana leaves and coconut leaves can be woven into environmentally friendly packaging. The form of woven also varies from baskets, bags, and small containers. Packaging made from woven leaves can be purchased from local craftsmen.

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So, those are 5 environmentally friendly packaging inspirations that you can choose for your merchandise.


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