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Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, Kopong Fried Meatballs with Shrimp Chicken Makes Me Satisfied | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Eating the same food every day is easy to get bored. Not only the main menu, even small portions of snacks can be boring to eat, if the menu is the same.

So, so you don’t get bored, serve fried meatballs with chicken and prawns during snacking time this time. This snack is also presented by sn.kitchen who sells in Jakarta. So, what are the advantages?

Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside

┬ęSweet and Delicious/sn.kitchen

The Kopong fried meatballs made by sn.kitchen are crispy on the outside, while the inside is so chewy when eaten. Interestingly, although the name is hollow fried meatballs, in fact the inside of this snack is not completely hollow.

The taste of the mixture of prawns and chicken used in the batter is felt in every bite. So when eaten, it doesn’t taste like flour, like the fried kopong meatballs that are often found. As a result, consumers can be so satisfied when eating it.

Not Using Preservatives

Another advantage of this sn.kitchen-made Kopong fried chicken prawn meatball is that it doesn’t use any preservatives at all. All raw materials are selected of high quality, so that when they are processed they do not disappoint customers.

In addition, the spices used are selected spices, so that the flavors presented are so natural and authentic. The plus point is that the fried meatballs with chicken and prawns are guaranteed to be halal, so they can be eaten by everyone.

Ready to serve or frozen packaging available

new delicious sweet

┬ęSweet and Delicious/sn.kitchen

As for the price, these chicken-shrimp fried meatballs are sold per serving of 10 at a price of IDR 75,000. The price is commensurate with the quality of taste sold by sn.kitchen.

Moreover, the sales package includes the special fried meatball sauce from sn.kitchen. So, when you eat it, it can automatically make you addicted. Consumers are also given a choice, they can order fried meatballs with chicken and prawns in a ready-to-eat condition or in frozen packaging. Whatever the choice, make sure to pre-order through ManisdanSedap.com.

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