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Courier Uploads ‘Amulet COD’ Pick-up Experience When Delivering Packages | Dream.co.id

Courier Uploads ‘Amulet COD’ Pick-up Experience When Delivering Packages |  Dream.co.id

“Alhamdulillah,” said the courier when he got the hidden amulet.

Dream – Usually when shopping online, buyers will make payments via digital wallets or bank transfers to make it more practical. Some people still make payments with the Cash On Delivery (COD) system.

This method of payment is usually done by some people to feel more secure and comfortable in making purchases online.

Unfortunately, an incident some time ago with a package courier who was hit by a customer while delivering COD goods made the payment method almost abolished because it was considered a safety threat.

In fact, some couriers actually feel happy when delivering packages using the COD payment method. This was shown in one of the videos on the Instagram account @statusfact which showed the courier was delivering the package and looking for the ‘COD talisman’.

Instead of calling the recipient, he walked around the side of the house carrying the package. “It’s normal, I want to take the ‘amulet’. Where is the talisman?,” said the courier.

© Instagram @statusfact

Photo: Instagram @statusfact

A few moments later, he lowered his head and stuck his hand into one of the pots inside the recipient’s house.

Courier Pick Up 'Amulet COD'© Instagram @statusfact

Photo: Instagram @statusfact

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Courier Pick Up 'Amulet COD'© Instagram @statusfact

Photo: Instagram @statusfact

“This is it, here, Rp. 66 thousand,” he said as he opened the paper taken from the pot. He also hoped that the amount of money in the folded paper would not be less than the price paid.

“Well, thank God more. Thank you, ma’am,” he said as he left. It turned out that the ‘COD talisman’ in question was money from the recipient to pay for the goods. If you are lucky, the parcel courier gets more money from the recipient as in the video.

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Buying a cellphone at a cheap online store is too late, when the package arrives, the contents really make high blood pressure

Dream – Don’t be tempted by cheap prices, especially when shopping in stores on line. Because, it could be the lure of an unreasonable price that makes us regret later.

There have been many stories of customers being deceived when buying goods at the store on line. The goods that arrived did not match the information provided by the seller.

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If this is the case, then obviously the customer must lose. Because, it could be that the money has already been transferred, but the goods received are not appropriate.

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Like the experience shared by the TikTok account owner @hermannurdiansya1 the following. In the uploaded video, the owner of me is seen receiving a package.

Order a cellphone for 350, the contents are surprising,” said the caption in the video uploaded four days ago.

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In the video, the recipient of the package can be seen asking the courier to open the contents of the package. The recipient of the package was suspicious of the contents of the shipment because the price was too low.

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The video caught the attention of netizens. Since being uploaded four days ago, it has been viewed more than five million times. Many netizens have commented.

However, not a few actually questioned the video recorder’s decision to buy the item. Because, already the price that is installed is really very unreasonable, they still buy it.

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you want 350k to get a cellphone,” commented the ajihrwn account.

I’m afraid of lying “yes, why did you buy markonah,” wrote Saptian Maulana478’s account.

Wow, now is the time for the cheapest Android cellphone 1 JT lw 350 mah, the era of Esia’s cellphone broo,” joked the AVENK TEA account.

why do you believe it’s funny,” commented the Akbrr account.

Actually there is a cellphone for that price, now it’s just a matter of buying a cellphone or a mystery box, if you buy a mystery box, it’s a risk,” wrote Mas Huda’s account.


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