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Cool! This Man Has Successfully Innovated Fla Pudding Glow in the Dark

Cool!  This Man Has Successfully Innovated Fla Pudding Glow in the Dark

Suara.com – Innovation in the culinary field is growing day by day. Unique dishes often surprise the public and even amaze them.

One example as seen in the TikTok account upload @naktekpang. In that upload, this man wanted to make a fla pudding that glows in the dark or glow in the dark.

The process of making this unique fla was not too difficult and quite short. This man named Dennis uses instant fla so that the manufacturing process becomes more practical.

Dennis chose the vanilla flavored instant fla because the white color would be suitable for making glow in the dark. The fla powder is mixed with warm water, and stirred until it becomes a thickener.

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To make the fla glow in the dark, Dennis only added one ingredient, namely vitamin B2. This vitamin is very important but the body cannot produce it on its own.

Fla pudding glow in the dark (TikTok @naktekpang)

Then he mashed the vitamin B2 until smooth and mixed it into the fla. The color of the fla also changed to more yellowish.

The flan is then poured into the pudding and the lights are turned off. Sure enough, the fla on top of the pudding could glow in the dark.

Regarding the taste, Dennis said the taste is still the same as vanilla fla in general. This is because the vitamin B2 he uses does not affect the taste of the food.

This video has attracted a lot of attention from netizens. Various comments filled this upload.

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“It’s really cool to be able to light up like that. Eating will definitely be more fun if the ingredients can glow in the dark,” a netizen commented.

Other netizens also commented. “It seems that every day there is an idea, bro,” said this netizen.

“It’s really fun that her lips can come on if they are coated with fla, I’m curious, so I want to try it too,” write other netizens in the comments column.

Meanwhile, as of Saturday (16/7/2022), this video has been watched more than 300 thousand times on TikTok.

To watch the full video, click here!


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