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Commission III Value of the Legal Process in the Case of Ferdy Sambo and Cs Evidence of the assertiveness of the Indonesian National Police Chief Sigit | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Member of Commission III of the DPR from the Faction VFD Nasir Djamil assessed that the legal process carried out by the National Police against Inspector General Ferdy Sambo and his friends in the case of Brigadier J’s murder was bold.

“The current legal process is firm and bold,” Nasir said when contacted, Thursday (15/9).

Nasir said the public hoped that the case of Brigadier J’s premeditated murder was thoroughly investigated and brought to court.

“That is what the public hopes for the National Police Chief General Sigit regarding the cases experienced by FS and other members of the National Police, both high-ranking officers and those at lower levels,” he said.

According to Nasir, the National Police Chief has also enforced a code of ethics against members of the National Police involved in the case of Brigadier J.

“The National Police Chief has enforced the law and the code of ethics,” he said.

For information, the National Police have named five suspects for the premeditated murder of Brigadier J. They include Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, Bharada E, Bripka RR, Strong Maruf, and Sambo’s wife Putri Candrawathi.

In addition, the Bhayangkara Corps also ensnared seven officers as suspects for obstruction of justice in the Brigadier J case. The suspects included Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, Brigadier General Hendra Kurniawan.

Then Kombes Agus Nurpatria, AKBP Arif Rahman Arifin, Commissioner Baiquni Wibowo, Commissioner Chuck Putranto, AKP Irfan Widyanto. On the other hand, five Polri officers were dishonorably dismissed.



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