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Ciputat Students Dry Clothes on Air FO Cable | merdeka.com

Ciputat Students Dry Clothes on Air FO Cable |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – The aerial cable network on Jalan Raya Legoso, East Ciputat, South Tangerang City, is used by Ciputat students as a means of drying clothes, Sunday (24/7). The Ciputat student action went viral on various social media.

One of the students, Ali admitted, his action was drying clothes on an aerial fiber optic cable (FO), on Jalan Raya Legoso. he did it as a form of his personal criticism of the mess of aerial FO cables.

“If I can’t afford laundry, I don’t have the money, so I take advantage of this,” he said when met in the student dormitory area of ​​UIN Ciputat, South Tangerang, Sunday (24/7).

The student from Ternate, Maluku, was casually drying his clothes by attaching them to the FO cables which were right in front of the female dormitory of the UIN campus. Jakarta. The actions of the student residents of the dormitory got the attention of road users.

Previously, the South Tangerang City Government forcibly cut off dozens of fiber optic (FO) cables along Jalan Raya Ceger, Pondok Aren District, South Tangerang City. The plan is for the FO cables in the air to be laid out in stages by being placed in an integrated manner underground.

“Indeed, we will look at urban planning, because aesthetically it is not very good,” said the Head of the Road and Bridge Planning Section of the DSDABMBK, Ramdan Arafat.

He said that the control over the aerial cables will gradually be carried out on all roads belonging to South Tangerang City, all of which will be installed underground.

“While only on the Ceger highway, with a length of approximately 3.5 KM. The plan is for this year, first on Jalan Raya Ceger, the upper cable is lowered down. When it comes to SK the length of the road is about 3.5 KM,” he said.

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