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Charta Politica: 62.4% of Respondents Value Police Untransparent Reveals Ferdy Sambo Case | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Charta Politica Indonesia releases the results of the survey ‘Social Political Conditions and Electoral Maps after the Price Increase BBM‘. One of the points relates to the issue of transparency police revealed the case of the shooting of Brigadier J, which was masterminded by the former Head of the Propam Police Division, Ferdy Sambo.

In the survey, around 91.4 percent of respondents admitted to knowing the shooting case of Brigadier J. Meanwhile, around 8.6 percent said they did not know about the premeditated murder case.

The follow-up question, ‘Do you think that the disclosure of the police shooting case by the police? Police running transparent or non-transparent?’

As a result, 62.4 percent of respondents stated that the disclosure of the shooting case of Brigadier J by the National Police was not transparent. Meanwhile, 32.4 percent believed that the Police were transparent in uncovering the murder case and 5.2 percent of respondents did not answer the question.

Chartapolitika conducted the survey from 6 to 13 September 2022 in all sub-districts or villages. Interview method was conducted by face-to-face and sampling method with a total sample of 1,229 with a margin of error of 2.82 percent.

Respondents who were surveyed were at least 17 years old or had met the selection requirements.



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