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Buy a cell phone for Rp. 350 thousand, it turns out that the contents are Zonk | Dream.co.id

Buy a cell phone for Rp. 350 thousand, it turns out that the contents are Zonk |  Dream.co.id

The buyer returns the contents of the package and asks for the money back.

Dream – Many people choose to shop online because the price of goods tends to be more practical. Not a few prices of goods sold online are much cheaper than those purchased in offline stores.

Unfortunately, not all online stores can be trusted. Especially, when you want to buy items that are quite high in price, such as cellphones or other devices.

Usually, goods sold at very low prices compared to official store prices are fake. Maybe you will get items that are not in accordance with the order as experienced by the TikTok account @hermannurdiansya1.

He recorded the moment when he opened a cell phone package for Rp. 350 thousand. The video is intended to be used as evidence if the order does not match the product window.

© TikTok @hermannurdiansya1

Photo: TikTok @hermannurdiansya1

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At the beginning of the video, even the recorder wasn’t sure about the contents of the order. “Try to open it. I’m afraid it’s a lie. Really, there is a cellphone, only for the price (Rp. 330 thousand),” said the video recorder.

He also wants to return the product if it doesn’t match the order. “Expensive expensive, lying” .

When opened, it turns out that the contents of the package is a packet of salt. Finally, the video recorder asked for the salt to be returned to the seller so he could get his money back.

Opening a Cellphone Package for IDR 350 thousand© TikTok @hermannurdiansya1

Photo: TikTok @hermannurdiansya1

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Responding to this incident, netizens were surprised why the video recorder believed that a cellphone could be purchased at a price of IDR 350 thousand.

“Wow, now is the time for the cheapest Android cellphone 1 JT lw 350 mah, the era of the Esia cellphone, bro,” said @avenktea7.

“What phone 350 rb,” @user9023077014457 comment.

“Madam, the lawack is 350, the Nokia cell phone can’t get anything else on Android,” said @jaa.vertical.

“I can’t believe my 350 thousand cellphone, how come it’s still ordered,” wrote @jackxjahanam.


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