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Merdeka.com – Bank Indonesia (BI) together with the Regional Inflation Control Team (TPID) of Riau Province launched a flagship program to optimize the role of Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) throughout Riau Province. In order to optimize the role of BUMDes not only as a business entity, but also to play a role in maintaining supply continuity, as well as regulating the efficiency of the distribution chain for chili commodities.

“With this program, Riau is the first province in Indonesia to focus on developing the role of BUMDes in controlling regional inflation,” said Bank Indonesia Deputy Governor Doni Primanto Joewono, Monday (12/9).

The other flagship program is the development of urban farming (urban farming) planting chili in the yard by the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) and the Women Farmers Group (KWT) in Riau Province which prioritizes ASN and KWT as community role models.

In addition, the Riau TPID also establishes Inter-Regional Cooperation (KAD) with several food enterprises in producing areas such as Deli Serdang, South Sumatra and North Sumatra. For the efforts that have been taken by the local government.

BI also appreciates the commitment of the Governor of Riau, who directs the Riau TPID to control food inflation within the GNPIP framework. Doni further highlighted the strategic potential of 1,591 BUMDes in Riau, where approximately 200 BUMDes engaged in agriculture can be mobilized to support the optimization of chili cultivation.

“Close coordination and collaboration from all parties involved, both the PMD service as a Bumdes assistant, the Agriculture Office as an expert in cultivation, the Industry and Trade Agency as a market regulator and other parties will strengthen the formation of this ecosystem. For that we invite all parties to increase synergy in the implementation of inflation control efforts,” said Doni.

On the same occasion, Riau Governor Syamsuar said, the inauguration of the Riau GNPIP is a form of the Government’s contribution to maintaining the inflation rate through strengthening the role and performance of BUMDes in meeting the availability of supplies in the region.

The successful implementation of the Riau BUMDes empowerment program is expected to further strengthen joint efforts to bring food inflation to the target range, so that price stability and national food security can be achieved.

At the inauguration of the Riau GNPIP program, the Dedication Program for the Country in the form of an Internet of Things (IoT) package for Digital Farming, Alsintan, and Agricultural Support Facilities to 6 (six) chili farmer groups to support increasing agricultural productivity through modernization and digitalization of agriculture.

Reporter: Tira Santia

Source: Liputan6.com [azz]

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