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BSB Serves Application for Alsintan Taxi for South Sumatra and Babylon Farmers | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – The Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture has launched the Alsintan Taxi program to accelerate the mechanization and modernization of agriculture in Indonesia. Taxi Alsintan is a program from the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture that presents agricultural technology among farmers and helps accelerate economic recovery in the agricultural sector.

Furthermore, this program provides assistance in the provision of agricultural tools and machinery (alsintan) independently by business actors in the agricultural sector through the facilitation of People’s Business Credit (KUR) assistance.

The Business Director of Bank Sumsel Babel (BSB), Antonius Prabowo explained, for farmers the easiest thing to submit for the program is to visit the nearest Bank Sumsel Babel offices. Later, farmers will be assisted to complete the data and requirements. Prospective debtors will be asked to fill out an application form.

“From the prospective debtor data, the Bank will check the Financial Service Information System (SLIK) which includes whether the prospective debtor is receiving KUR or credit at another bank, including whether the condition of the prospective debtor has credit arrears or not,” Prabowo explained, Friday ( 16/9).

If the prospective debtor passes the SLIK, the prospective debtor must complete supporting data such as ID cards, family cards, marriage certificates (if already married), business certificates from the local government (village/lurah/sub-district) including an offer letter from the equipment provider. the alsintan.

“Generally, it contains the type of machineries and the selling price of the machineries and also attaches the brochures for the machines. If the results of the Bank’s analysis are feasible, then proceed with signing the credit and recording it on the SIKP (Program Credit Information System),” he explained.

Antonius explained that the maximum credit limit for the program that was given was Rp. 500 million or a maximum of 80 percent of the debtor’s alsintan price. , administration fees and provision fees are not charged, the maximum credit period is 60 months and the KUR interest rate is 6 percent effective per year,” he explained.

Until now, he said, the number of farmers who applied for the Alsintan KUR had only reached 15 debtors, because the Alsintan Taxi program had just been launched. His party will continue to socialize about the convenience of this facility. “It is hoped that in the future it can increase even more,” he concluded.

Previously, Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo said that his party hopes and will continue to encourage farmers and agricultural business actors to participate in the Alsintan Taxi (Agricultural Machine Tools) program, namely the provision of agricultural machinery through KUR facilities.

He explained that the Alsintan Taxi program was rolled out so that the community would be able to independently organize the Alsintan, so that it would no longer focus on government assistance through the APBN.

“One of the innovations that we encourage to support the progress of agricultural mechanization is the Alsintan Taxi program. Through this program, the community can have their own alsintan or jointly with financing through the facilitation of agricultural KUR assistance,” said Yasin Limpo, recently.



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