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Brother Killed Shot By Brother With Air Rifle | merdeka.com

Brother Killed Shot By Brother With Air Rifle |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – Investigators from the Satreskrim Polres Timor Tengah Selatan (TTS), East Nusa Tenggara investigated the case of the death of a three-year-old boy, who was shot by an air rifle. From the results of the investigation policethe victim was hit by an air rifle bullet belonging to his brother.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the TTS Police, Iptu Helmi Wildan, said that the victim was accidentally shot by an air rifle by his brother. This fact was revealed after the police examined a number of witnesses, including the older brother of the JIB victim (14).

According to Helmi Wildan, the brothers were alone at home at the time of the incident. JIB took their father’s air rifle, then aimed and deliberately shot his sister’s body. Evidence in the form of an air rifle has been secured as evidence, while JIB, who is a minor, was deposited in a rehabilitation center.

“The person concerned (JIB) has been entrusted to us at the Child Social Rehabilitation Center in Naibonat Village, Kupang Regency,” explained Helmi Wildan, Tuesday (26/7).

Previously, DB alias Desmon (3), a resident of Lakat Village, Strongnana District, South Central Timor (TTS) Regency, died while playing with an air rifle, last Thursday (21/7). boy poor This is playing with his father’s air rifle which is kept at home.

At the time of the incident, the victim’s father, Yonatan Bako, was in Nusa Village. Meanwhile, the victim’s mother, Debi Snae, was queuing up for BLT at the Lakat village hall. The victim, who was originally guarded by his brother, saw their father’s air rifle stored on the table, then took it and played.

“While playing, the child did not know that there was still a bullet in the rifle, so he was shot in the forehead,” said Batu Putih Police Chief Ipda Junedi Lian. [eko]

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