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BRI’s Real Steps to Use Electric Vehicles in Reducing Carbon Emissions | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk is committed to implementing sustainability aspects in each of its business operations, one of which is through the initiative to accelerate the transition of electric vehicles. This step is in line with the Circular (SE) of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises S-565/MBU/09/2022 dated 12 September 2022 concerning support for the acceleration of the battery-based electric motor vehicle program for road transportation.

BRI Compliance Director Ahmad Solichin Lutfiyanto said the company always implements Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) principles for the sustainability of human life and encourages the level of prosperity. This step is a real effort for BRI to reduce carbon emissions and support the achievement of Indonesia’s Net Zero Emissions target by 2060.

“BRI as a financial institution has consistently played an active role in efforts to reduce emissions in Indonesia. We will gradually increase the use of electric vehicles,” said Solichin.

BRI’s Real Steps to Use Electric Vehicles in Reducing Carbon Emissions©2022 Merdeka.com

BRI is recorded to have used 30 electric cars spread across various Regional Offices (RO) as operational vehicles. Not only that, there are at least 50 GESITS electric motors that BRI Marketers have begun to use.

Solichin added that the replacement of conventional vehicles into electric vehicles in all BRI work units will be carried out in stages, taking into account the readiness of infrastructure and the types of electric vehicles circulating in Indonesia.
Research conducted by BRI shows that in addition to being environmentally friendly, the use of electric cars is also more economical than conventional vehicles. The cost of electric cars is five times lower than conventional vehicles.

BRI as a financial institution also plays an active role in encouraging financing for the sustainable sector. As of the second quarter of 2022, as much as Rp657.1 trillion or 65.5% of BRI’s total loan portfolio has implemented the ESG principle. Furthermore, Rp74.7 trillion was channeled to the environmentally sound business activity sector (KUBL).

“As one of the ‘First Mover on Sustainable Finance’, BRI has gradually implemented a sustainability strategy which is expected to have a positive impact in accelerating the implementation of sustainable finance in Indonesia and BRI will focus on realizing integrated financial solutions for the community,” he explained.

real steps bri use electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions

BRI’s Real Steps to Use Electric Vehicles in Reducing Carbon Emissions©2022 Merdeka.com

BRI is then committed to continuing to strengthen its role in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by increasing financing for the sustainable sector. In June 2022, BRI has also issued Bank BRI Sustainable Environmentally Insight Bonds I or Green Bonds with a target of raising funds of Rp 15 trillion, the number of phase I emissions in 2022 is a maximum of Rp 5 trillion. The issuance of the BRI Green Bond Phase I in 2022 managed to record oversubscribed up to 4.4 times.

The proceeds from the Green Bond funds are allocated at least 70% for business activities or other activities that are included in the KUBL criteria, whether new, in progress, or have been completed in accordance with the bond framework.

“In addition, the Company continues to strive to apply the principles of sustainable finance by referring to POJK Number 51/POJK.03.2017 and always actively participates in several ESG Ratings as part of the continuous improvement of ESG implementation and sustainability,” he concluded.



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