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BPS Reveals the Cause of Tofu and Tempe Prices Continue to Rise | merdeka.com


womidea.com – Deputy for Statistics, Distribution and Services, Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), Setianto said that price movements of tofu, tempeh and broiler chicken eggs still contributed to the inflation rate. In November 2022, each commodity experienced an increase in inflation above 2 percent (mtm).

“Movements in the prices of tofu, tempeh and broiler chicken eggs still contribute to inflation and increase prices,” Setianto said at a press conference, JakartaThursday (1/12).

Based on BPS data, in November, tofu experienced inflation of 2.12 percent (mtm) and 12.43 percent (yoy). BPS recorded the yearly price per kilogram at Rp 11,680. Likewise, the price of tempeh also rose in November to IDR 12,949 per kilogram. So that the inflation rate rose 2.13 percent (mtm) and 13.56 percent (yoy).

Setiato said that the increase in the price of tofu and tempeh was due to the depletion of domestic soybean stocks. Meanwhile, information from the National Food Agency (Bapanas) and the Ministry of Agriculture that the realization of soybean imports was late.

“Stocks of domestic soybeans are depleting while the realization of soybean imports is slow,” he said.

For information, soybean-derived food products have experienced price increases in the last 3 months. Even on an annual basis the price of tofu commodities increased 12.43 percent and tempe by 13.56 percent.

“When viewed from the Chicago Board of Trade portal, the trend of increasing soybean prices has been since September 2022,” he said. [azz]

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