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BP-AKR Inaugurates New Gas Stations in Surabaya and LA, South Jakarta | merdeka.com

BP-AKR Inaugurates New Gas Stations in Surabaya and LA, South Jakarta |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – PT Aneka Petroindo Raya (BP-AKR) inaugurated two networks of public fuel filling stations (SPBU), namely at SurabayaEast Java, and Lenteng Agung (LA), Jakarta South.

The Merr Rungkut gas station has been operating since last June 17, while the Lenteng Agung gas station began operating on July 12, 2022. Both gas stations were developed under the Company Owned Company Operated (COCO) scheme.

Vanda Laura, Marketing Director of PT Aneka Petroindo Raya (BP-AKR), said that with the presence of these two new gas stations, BP-AKR has had 30 gas stations in the Jabodetabek and East Java areas since 2018. The addition of the BP-AKR gas station network is a form of commitment to expand access society towards the product
quality fuel and service.

“In the future, we ensure that BP-AKR will continue to open its gas station network in order to serve the Indonesian people and become a fun #TemanPerjalanan for customers,” said Vanda in a release yesterday.

BP-AKR gas stations offer a wide selection of quality fuels with Active technology contained in BP 90, BP 92, BP 95. Active Technology is specially formulated to help protect important parts of the engine from dirt so that it can maintain and maintain the vehicle in prime condition. In addition to gasoline, BP-AKR gas stations also offer BP Diesel fuel.

Not only providing quality fuel, BP-AKR gas stations also provide services and various convenient facilities such as mini markets, coffee shops, fast food outlets, water and wind filling stations, prayer rooms equipped with air conditioning, toilets, and ATMs and
spacious parking area.

“We believe that the presence and development of the BP-AKR gas station business can continue to run in a sustainable manner and in tandem with growing demand” BBM quality in Indonesia. BP-AKR also hopes that the addition of BP-AKR gas stations can make a positive contribution to the Indonesian economy, especially in our operational areas. This is in line with our goal to continue to provide quality fuel and the best service for Indonesian customers,” he explained.



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