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Bowie M2, TWS Fashionable Clear Sound from Baseus

Bowie M2, TWS Fashionable Clear Sound from Baseus

Chinese electronics company, Baseus, inaugurated its presence in Indonesia by launching several of its newest devices. One of them is true wireless stereo (TWS) Baseus Bowie M2 Earphones.

Product Manager of Baseus Indonesia, Yusril Izha Kirana, said that TWS is one of Baseus’ mainstay products. Baseus Bowie M2 Earphones are the latest in the series with various advanced features to enhance the audio listening experience with wireless devices.

Bowie M2 is equipped with technology bluetooth 5.2 and 4 microphones with built-in ENC (environment noise cancellation) and ANC technology with a frequency range of -42 dB. ENC, said Yusril, will make Bowie M2 users get a much clearer sound quality and no noise leaks from the sound around them.

“The Bowie M2 is strengthened by the 10 mode setting software that can be accessed through the application to help users produce really clear voice calls,” said Yusril at the Baseus Run With Full Energy Launch Conference event at the Harris Vertue hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (14/14/2020). 7).

One of the features in the TWS type for Rp. 599 thousand is the noise suppression type setting from the ENC technology. The user can adjust the damper type based on the surrounding conditions.

“There is indoor mode for those who use it indoors such as cafes. There is commute mode for those who listen on the go. There are also outdoor fashion for those who use it in an open space full of noise,” said Yusril.

There are also features in-ear detection which allows the song to be play and pause only with or take off earphones from the ear. In terms of charging, in every 10 minutes of charging, Bowie M2 will be able to be used for up to 2 hours.

Not only features, Yusril said Baseus also seeks to meet the needs of today’s society who like more fashionable devices. Therefore, two color choices are presented gradient specifically designed for the Bowie M2. Both are sunshine white and moonlite black.

Besides TWS, Bowie also launched a high-speed charging device, the Baseus GaN Pro 65W Fast Charger. The device is equipped with updated GaN3 technology and three port 65W USB PD, of which two port PD USB type C and one port USB type A.

“Baseus GaN Pro 65W Fast Charger comes with a bigger size compact, now users can easily charge different gadgets at the same time. The presence of BPS V2.0 Smart Charging is able to unite BPS II (baseus power split) with GaN (gallium nitrate),” said Yusril.

The combination of the two technologies produces a smart chip that is able to detect the number of devices connected to the head charger. That way, it can be ensured that every device connected to the charger obtain optimal power.

“In keeping users safe while charging, this device is equipped with global standard AC 110-240V power which is supported by safety protection against static electricity, overvoltage, and short circuit. Therefore, we can be sure that the level of security is guaranteed,” said Yusril.

The Baseus GaN Pro 65W Fast Charger has officially arrived in Indonesia with several color choices, one of which is blue and white gradations. (Pro/M-2)


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