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Bobby Nasution Launches the Moovit App for Medan City | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Moovit is a travel guide mobility application, especially using public transportation. For the city level, Medan is the first city in Indonesia to use the Moovit App.

This launch was carried out by Bobby Nasution after becoming a ceremonial inspector in a ceremony to commemorate the 2022 Medan City-level National Transportation Day with the theme ‘Forward Rising Together’ at Medan Benteng Field, Saturday (17/9).

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Bobby said that the purpose of the launch was to help the community increase effectiveness and efficiency in traveling. In addition, he added, increasing community productivity by using private vehicles.

“In addition, through the Moovit App, we also hope to increase the use of public transportation, reduce congestion and air pollution,” he said, hoping that with the Moovit App, people would be more interested in using public transportation.

The launching of the Moovit App was carried out by Bobby Nasution accompanied by Toni Agus Setyono S SiT MT as the representative of the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation, Deputy Head of Bank Indonesia Azka Subhan, Deputy Mayor H Aulia Rachman, Medan City Secretary Wiriya Alrahman, Medan City Forkopimda element, Medan City Transportation Head Office Iswar Lubis the originator of the Moovit App, Dr Elly Adriani Sinaga.

Medan city level national transportation day ceremony

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Previously, while acting as inspector of ceremonies, in addition to delivering written remarks from the Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia Budi Karya Sumadi, Bobby Nasution also reminded all ranks of the Medan City Transportation Agency to follow up on issues and complaints from the public, especially regarding illegal parking.

“Let’s tackle together what people are complaining about, especially illegal parking. I ask the Medan City Transportation Agency to be able to control it. Don’t be afraid to discipline what is right. Bring a tow truck to control it. Don’t (tow truck) just put it on display!” he emphasized reminding while inviting all ranks of the Medan City Transportation Agency to continue to improve services to the public using transportation services.

In addition to the ceremony and launching of the Moovit App, the commemoration of National Transportation Day was also enlivened with drumband attractions and the awarding of prizes for the winners of a number of activities. On that occasion Bobby Nasution also kept in touch with the ranks of the Medan City Transportation Agency.



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