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Blessings of Citayam Fashion Week, Teenagers Can Earn Hundreds of Thousands from Endorsements

Blessings of Citayam Fashion Week, Teenagers Can Earn Hundreds of Thousands from Endorsements

Suara.com – Aisyah Nurul Jannah (17), a 10th grade SMK student from Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, just got off at Sudirman Station, Central Jakarta. Together with his two cousins, Muhammad Malfino (14) and Muhammad Alfikar (14), Nurul who has been maximally stylish wants to take part in the event. Citayam Fashion Week in the Dukuh Atas area, Central Jakarta, Monday (25/7/2022) tonight.

After sunset, Nurul, Fino, Fiar immediately rushed to Pasar Minggu Station. The three of them have been hanging out for a long time in the viral scene among the people of the capital city – even the country.

From Sudirman Station, the three of them immediately walked towards the crowd. Since the afternoon, the location is already crowded with young people from various age groups. Nurul wears a black jacket, brown cargo pants and a hat.

Meanwhile, Fino was wearing a kind of green alamamater jacket and pencil pants that covered her fairly small legs. As for Fiar, he looks like an 80s B Boyz with a slightly baggy boomber jacket and sunglasses.

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“Before it went viral, I’ve been hanging out here,” said Nurul while talking on the sidewalk.

Nurul claimed to have known the figure Bonge, Jeje, and Kurma a long time ago. The three names are figures who are skyrocketing because they often hang out in the Dukuh Atas area.

“I and Fino and Fiar have known Bonge for a long time,” said Nurul.

One hangout is even with Jeje and Kurma too,” added Vino.

Come Home With Money

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Nurul, Fino, and Fian are like a windfall because they often hang out at the Citayam Fashion Week event. As the place went viral as a new scene for young people around the capital, Nurul Cs claimed to have earned income.


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