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Bintaro-Serpong Toll Road Flooded | merdeka.com

Bintaro-Serpong Toll Road Flooded |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – A number of locations in Tangerang have been surrounded by floods and puddles due to the high intensity of rain that has been flushing the Greater Tangerang area since Friday afternoon. From residential areas, protocol roads to toll roads were also submerged.

As happened on the Bintaro-Serpong Toll Road, precisely at KM 08+00 which can only be passed by vehicles on lanes one and two. Meanwhile, the puddles on the sides of lanes three and four gradually receded.

“Gradually it recedes, there is a division of lanes one and two that can be passed. Now all lanes can be passed, while we continue to draw water,” said Dimas Adhi, public relations officer of PT Bintaro Serpong Damai, manager of the Pondok Aren-Serpong toll road, confirmed on Friday ( 15/7).

Meanwhile, the Pondok Pakulonan residential area, Pakualam Village, was again hit by floods with a height of up to 60 cm.

“Almost three hours of heavy rain, causing flooding which is runoff from the Pakulonan, Pondok Corn, East Corn Cottage and Situ Kutuk areas. If the water overflows, it will surely go to the Pondok Pakulonan area,” said the Head of RW 12, Saiman.

Currently, Saiman admits that the water has gradually receded. Meanwhile, residents whose houses were flooded are doing the cleaning.

Eka, a local resident, admitted that he was surprised by the repeated flooding and inundation in the area, every time it rained heavily for a long time.

“Even though the drainage was just repaired a week ago, it rained heavily for one hour and it has flooded again by a calf,” he said.



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