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Before Killing Wife, Husband in Tangerang Jealous of Reading Victim’s WA with Other Men | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – GM, the perpetrator of the wife’s murder in the Ciledug Indah 2 housing estate, Pedurenan Village, Karang Tengah District, Tangerang City, is suspected of being jealous and venting his disappointment with his wife, after reading the victim’s WhatsApp message with another man.

The head of the Ciledug Police, Kompol Noor, emphasized that the domestic violence that led to the murder began after a husband and wife had sexual intercourse. Then the husband saw a WhatsApp message on the victim’s cellphone from another man.

“He was jealous because he read WA from his male friend, that’s where he got into an argument,” the police chief confirmed, Tuesday (13/9).

Until finally, the perpetrator became furious, and attacked the victim blindly using a sharp knife.

Furthermore, for the attack, the perpetrator came with three of his children to the Ciledug Police Headquarters, to surrender himself.

“Due to the incident, the victim suffered injuries to the waist, stomach and neck, causing the victim to die,” said Noor.

Meanwhile, the victim’s body has now been taken to the Tangerang District Hospital, while the three children brought by the perpetrators surrendered themselves to the supervision of the Women and Children Protection Unit of the Tangerang Metro Police.



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