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Bebi Romeo: Kang Emil Sleeps Like Afghan | Dream.co.id


“Hajj trip, one maktab, one tent with great and unique people”.

Dreams – Musician Bebi Romeo and his wife Meisya Siregar, this year perform the pilgrimage. This couple apparently shared the same boarding house or maktab with West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil or familiarly called Kang Emil, when he was about to undergo wukuf in Arafah some time ago.

The maktab also included the Mayor of Bogor, Bima Arya and the famous cleric, Gus Miftah. Bebi shared a photo and a funny story on her account Instagram @bebi_romeo. One of them is about Kang Emil, who he thinks is very similar to Afghan, a handsome young singer when he sleeps.

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“Hajj trip, one maktab, one tent with great and unique people, God’s plan, which doesn’t even think about, never even imagines, kang Emil, who once made us laugh and when we sleep, it’s very similar to Afgan,” Bebe wrote.

The creator of the song “Last Flower” also talked about his impression of being in a tent with Gus Miftah. According to him, the preacher is a sacred person.

“Gus Miftah is a powerful person, he can disappear, dear wife, don’t make slapstick quotes,” said Bebi.

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He also talked about the Mayor of Bogor, Bima Arya, who turned out to be so romantic with his wife. The official also has the same taste in music as him.

“Kang Bima Arya is unique, very funny, but romantic with his wife and how come his taste in music is the same as the Beatles, Andi Williams,” wrote the father of 3 children.

Bebi hopes that the moments she writes and uploads on Instagram can remind everyone at the lodge to be together during the Hajj.

“O Allah, after this Hajj moment, we will all return to being busy with our respective professions, hopefully this photo will be a reminder for us that we were in the same maktab in a sleeping tent, praying together, fighting together at the 2022 Hajj Akbar,” he wrote.

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Ridwan Kamil Unloading Joy and Grief Queuing for Public Toilets during Hajj: There are 3 Levels of Desperation

Dream – Ridwan Kamil along with his wife, Atalia Praratya and daughter Camillia Laetitia Azzahra, are on their pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The governor of West Java fulfilled the fifth Pillar of Islam by performing Hajj on behalf of his son, Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz or Eril.

Even though he is in the Holy Land, Ridwan Kamil is still diligent in sharing posts on social media. Not infrequently Ridwan Kamil’s posts invite netizens to laugh.

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Like the upload that was recently posted on his personal Instagram account @ridwankamil. Kang Emil discussed the ups and downs of queuing for public toilets during the Hajj season.

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He made the post by sharing photos of Bebi Romeo, Gus Miftah, and Bima Arya in the toilet.

Not to forget, Ridwan Kamil explained that there are several levels when someone is queuing for the toilet. In that article he wrote the title “There are 3 LEVELS of #KEBELET”.

The writing of the first paragraph was intended for the singer of the song “Last Flower”, Bebi Romeo.

“Level 1: relaxed levels can still wait a bit longer, while singing the song The Last Flower. It belongs to @bebi_romeo,” he wrote.

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The next article, he addressed to Gus Miftah.

“Level 2: Level hadeuh, this is already throbbing, I can’t stand it. This prayer must be helped. It belongs to @gusmiftah,” he added.

Furthermore, Ridwan Kamil wrote about the sense of resignation faced by Bima Arya when queuing for the toilet.

“Level 3: Level, ouch, what is this? It’s okay. It belongs to Kang @bimaaryasugiarto,” he continued.

At the end of the caption, Ridwan Kamil also asked the netizens what would they do if they were in that position.

“That’s the ups and downs of queuing for public toilets during the Hajj season. What level are you often at?” asked Ridwan Kamil.

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Many enthusiastic netizens commented on Ridwan Kamil’s upload by writing down the level of desperation they usually experience.

” if I am at level 4: ” lila ih ” while banging on ” wrote @alyawidyaningayu

“Hahaha, it’s not much to try a toilet that is not hajj plus … the queue is up to 1 hour,” wrote @lilissuhaemi123

” 😂😂😂 Level 5 is fast, sir,” wrote @eliyasc

“Just hold the stone, sir, he said he could hold it for a while, hey,” commented @banyulangit_19

“Level 2 sir🔥🔥,” wrote @maritza_lee_


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