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BDJ 1 Flight Delayed, Two Clusters of Hajj Pilgrims Will Be Affected

BDJ 1 Flight Delayed, Two Clusters of Hajj Pilgrims Will Be Affected

Suara.com – Flight delay Garuda Indonesia who transports pilgrim the Banjarmasin BDJ 1 group had an impact on other groups. The two groups that were affected are BDJ 2 and BDJ 3.

Statement regarding the postponement return of pilgrims 2022 was delivered by the Domestic Hajj Service Technical Controller PPIH Saudi Arabia, Saiful Mujab, when met by the Hajj Media Center team in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Sunday (24/7/2022).

“Yes, the first, second, and third (clusters). God willing, if the fourth is in accordance with the time and schedule that we have agreed on and hopefully these are only those three (clusters),” said Saiful Mujab.

According to Saiful Mujab, the delay of the next two groups is a necessity. This is a long domino effect as a result of the delay in BDJ 1.

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Even so, the PPIH and Garuda Indonesia have formulated steps to anticipate it. Later, the BDJ 3 group will be transported using a different aircraft to avoid further delays.

“So the (delay) of these two groups cannot be avoided that there will be a delay of approximately 24 hours, yes. Then one is about half a day, the third will use a different plane to avoid another delay,” said Saiful Mujab.

Regarding congregational accommodation, all lodging and consumption accommodations are borne by Garuda Indonesia. Currently, the BDJ 1 group has been deployed in 4 hotels in Jeddah.

“All the pilgrims have entered the hotel and have rested and God willing, they will take off tomorrow around 12 o’clock. So before 12 o’clock, (the congregation) will be pushed to Jeddah Airport,” explained Saiful Mujab.

Meanwhile, the push of two groups, BDJ 2 and BDJ 3, in Makkah to Jeddah Airport will be braked. The timing of the push will be arranged according to the time agreed by Garuda.

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“We will also brake the two groups in Makkah and push them to the airport at the time agreed by Garuda. The next two groups will be braked and lodged in Jeddah,” said Saiful Mujab.


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