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Bathing while cleaning the boat in the river, this man was attacked by a crocodile | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – A man with the initials UJ (47), disappeared after being attacked by a crocodile while bathing in the river. The joint team is still searching for the RT head.

The victim went missing while in a river not far from his house on Rimau Island, Banyuasin, South Sumatra, Sunday (18/9). The farmer had just harvested palm oil using a getek boat.

After moving the harvest, the victim took a bath while cleaning his boat on the riverbank. Suddenly, the victim was attacked by a crocodile and then dragged him into the river.

A friend who witnessed the incident then sought help. However, the first day of the search yielded no results so the report was forwarded to BPBD, police and local government.

“The victim was attacked by a crocodile while taking a bath while cleaning his boat,” said Head of BPBD Banyuasin Alfian Soleh, Monday (19/9).

According to him, the location of the missing victims is usually used by residents for daily activities such as bathing and washing. Residents did not expect a crocodile to attack the victim.

“But from reports, there are witnesses who saw the victim being attacked by a crocodile and dragging him into the river,” he explained.

It is said, the search encountered obstacles such as cloudy and deep water. The rapid reaction team and joint personnel are still conducting sweeps of the alleged location of the crocodile hiding.

“We are exploring the points that crocodiles often use to hide, but still with caution. Hopefully the victim can be found as soon as possible,” he concluded. [cob]

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