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ATVI Picks Up Prospective Students’ Ball with Entertainment Presentation Gathering | merdeka.com

ATVI Picks Up Prospective Students’ Ball with Entertainment Presentation Gathering |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – The Indonesian Television Academy (ATVI) has done a unique and interesting way in introducing and promoting an institution that is specifically educating students to be skilled and proficient in broadcasting, digital media, and a number of things related to social media, including content creators, content editors, and aspiring YouTubers.

The unique event was titled ‘ATVI Entertainment Presentation Gathering’ which was held at Studio 1 Emtek City, Friday (15/7). This studio is usually used to hold regular events at Indosiar, such as AKSI (Akademi Sahur Indosiar), Stand Up Comedy Academy (SUCA) to Tukul Show. So that the feel of this gathering program is like enjoying a live event at Indosiar.

The event, which is packaged as a broadcasting school, is a collaboration between the Jabodetabek and ATVI Guidance Counseling Teachers’ Conference (MGBK) and ATVI, presenting around 190 guidance and counseling teachers spread from various schools in the DKI area. Jakarta and Tangerang.

Starting with registration according to the invitation that had been given previously, the invited guests did not forget to carry out the health protocol, plus check whether they had received the third vaccine (booster). However, facilities for antigen swab tests will still be carried out for those who have not received the third vaccine.

While waiting from the registration process to lunch, the invited guests, consisting of senior teachers in their respective schools, were treated to a display of the work of ATVI students which were assignments during the lecture.

As already mentioned, the promotion program for the introduction of the ATVI campus is packaged in the style of a television variety show production. Guests are treated like VIPs in a major event on national television. Located in studio 1 in the EMTEK CITY Daanmogot complex, the ATVI Entertainment Presentation Gathering event started at 13.30.

The event opened with dance performances representing the diversity of regions in Indonesia such as Sulawesi, Papua, Bali, Sumatra, Betawi and Java. Representation of various major cultures that exist in the archipelago. The perfect opening dance was performed perfectly by Batavia Dance Studio. As is known, the dance group, which was founded in 2003, is a well-known name in the world of dance on national television.

And just like a live broadcast event, the ATVI Entertainment Presentation Gathering was also hosted by two very competent hosts, namely Jeanette Lie, who is a reporter for Indosiar/SCTV and Selfi LIDA (1st place in the Indonesian Dangdut League program).

Selfi LIDA and his colleague Ical DA (Dangdut Academy) are the two singers who enliven this presentation gathering. They performed two songs, namely ‘Rumah Kita’ by GodBless and ‘Gejolak Asmara’ by the popular swordsman Nassar in 2014.

The series of events that last about 90 minutes also showcases the best works of ATVI students from various Forces covering various genres of events, ranging from television dramas, lifestyle magazines, popular videos, traveling programs to variety shows. The display of the student work program complements the explanation from Mr. Handy Utama as the head of student affairs and ATVI cooperation.

ATVI’s Head of Student Affairs and Institutional Cooperation, Handy Utama Raphael, explained the core competencies of ATVI, namely content producers, content creators, creatives, program directors and broadcast expertise and job opportunities or job market potential for graduates such as TV Broadcast, Radio Visual, Production House, Advertising. Company, Video Production and Multimedia services, Digital Media Enterprise and Public Relations.

“The relationship between what is taught at ATVI and the potential for employment opportunities is a provision for guidance and counseling teachers when they guide students, so that they are right and in harmony in choosing the field of study in the future at the university level,” said the man who is more familiarly called Mr. Hans this.

Meanwhile, the Director of ATVI, Eduard Depari MA, in his speech emphasized that ATVI has obtained permission and a decision from the Ministry of Education and Culture, for the implementation of the Applied Media Production Undergraduate Study Program.

“This is a fact and a logical consequence of ATVI’s commitment to constantly adapting, following the times that move very fast. True education is transferring knowledge and building character, two things that ATVI has chosen in carrying out its educational mission,” he said.

Eduard emphasized that changing the orientation of education from a broadcasting focus (in this case television) to a concentration of digital media content production is a logical consequence of the need for education to adapt to be able to answer technological challenges through the preparation of reliable and adequate human resources. The task of education is to prepare humans to be able to use technology for the benefit of living together.

“In this era of digital communication, it is evident, technology has significantly changed the pattern of human relations,” he added.

Suryani Zaini as the chairman of the Indosiar Foundation which oversees ATVI also gave a speech emphasizing that ATVI is an educational institution that will produce good graduates to work in the field of media production. As a consequence, the curriculum provided by ATVI underlies the 4 C concept of digital media education which includes, critical thinking, communication, creative, and collaboration.

From EMTEK group itself, represented by Pieter Andrian, as Vice President of Human Resources EMTEK Group who was present directly at studio 1 EMTEK City. In his presentation, he explained that ATVI exists in the EMTEK group ecosystem which consists of various types of businesses and businesses. From television to business services companies.

Especially for this entertainment gathering, he stated that the event initiated by MGBK and ATVI was a very good initiative to carry out. Because when we pick up the ball for these high school teachers, they really appreciate it. They can directly see the studio and interact with Emtek.

“I believe events like this must be improved continuously so that in the future it will not only be beneficial for ATVI and Emtek, but also for the Indonesian people,” he said.

From the representatives of the Guidance and Counseling Teachers’ Meeting throughout Jabodetabek, the chairman of the DKI MGBK, Ester Damanik, was present. He said this event would have a broad impact on socialization for all guidance and counseling teachers throughout Jabodetabek, and this would be passed on to students.

“This activity is the most useful thing for all schools because information can be directly seen and felt for yourself the facilities that have been provided by the campus. Both physically and the potential of its graduates. Furthermore, it will be easier for teachers to explain to students about universities that will do it,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of MGBK for SMA in Tangerang Regency, Nana Mardiana, added that ATVI is one of the broadcast schools that is believed to be of great benefit for students because it will immediately practice and work in the broadcast world.

He even added that events that provide a comprehensive understanding like this can be held more often, so that the flow of information is not interrupted for students in SMA/SMK.



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