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Arya Saloka Proves Accord with the Love Bond Crew, Will He Be Aldebaran Back?

Arya Saloka Proves Accord with the Love Bond Crew, Will He Be Aldebaran Back?

Suara.com – Arya Saloka indeed have left soap operas Love Bond. However, it seems that Arya Saloka’s role as Aldebaran has not been able to make loyal viewers move on.

Recently, the interaction between Arya Saloka and Sendy Widodo, who is the director of Ikatan Cinta, was highlighted. In his upload on July 11, 2022, Sendy Widodo shared footage of the soap opera Ikatan Cinta which was immediately praised by Arya Saloka.

Upload about Arya Saloka [Instagram/@sendywidodo_]

“Cool, sir,” said Arya Saloka.

“Hello, Arya, thank you. Always be healthy,” replied Sendy Widodo.

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The interaction between Arya Saloka and Sendy Widodo proves that their relationship is still good. The reason was that news got out that the relationship between Arya Saloka and the Ikatan Cinta crew was tenuous after deciding to leave.

Arya Saloka. [Instagram/@arya.saloka]
Arya Saloka. [Instagram/@arya.saloka]

In addition, the suspicion of Arya Saloka returning to the Love Association to play the role of Aldebaran is widely believed. Unfortunately, not all netizens welcomed the allegations with pleasure.

“Papa al, come back, I miss you,” commented the account @tary ***.

“No respect. Just finish the film, it’s really useless. Later the fans will even add bars, it’s scary,” replied the @triwi*** account.

Arya Saloka (Instagram @aldebaran.aryasaloka)
Arya Saloka (Instagram @aldebaran.aryasaloka)

“Don’t get your hopes up too much. You’ll get more hope if it doesn’t match your expectations. It hurts even more,” replied the @fitrie *** account.

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Previous Arya Saloka dan Amanda Manopo also suspected to have been sarcastic. Amanda Manopo indirectly accused Arya Saloka of being unprofessional.

The chemistry of Arya Saloka as Aldebaran and Amanda Manopo as Andin has indeed succeeded in making people feel bad, aka baper. In fact, the two of them are busy getting matched in the real world, even though it is impossible because Arya Saloka is already married.

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