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Arema Wins President’s Cup 2022, Conquer Borneo with Aggregate 1-0

Arema Wins President’s Cup 2022, Conquer Borneo with Aggregate 1-0

PURWOKERTO.SUARA.COMPresident’s Cup Final 2022 second leg between Borneo FC vs Arema FC at the Segiri stadium, Samarinda, Sunday 17 July 2022 ended with the score 0-0. Thus, the aggregate goals did not change 1-0 for Arema’s advantage.

Arema made history by holding Borneo FC at home to a draw. In historical records, Borneo is unbeaten when playing at home. Of the three matches, Borneo always won.

Arema itself broke the record as the club with the most solid defense. Of the seven President’s Cup matches, Arema conceded only twice.

Apart from this record, Arema proves to be one of the strongest teams in the Liga 1 competition. Success in winning the President’s Cup title is a threat to League 1 clubs. Liga 1 itself is scheduled to start next August.

Previously, Borneo FC was quite optimistic that it would be able to change its advantage. It is hoped that playing in front of the public will be able to give Pesut Etam more strength.

“We need something more, motivation, passion, support and quality to be able to win matches,” said Milomir Seslija, coach of Borneo FC.

Milo believes his players will perform with extra motivation. In fact, he hopes that the match will be completed in 90 minutes, without having to go through a penalty shootout. He asked his players to do everything in their power to be able to lift the trophy at home.

“Arema FC are a good team, they have more trophies, but it’s time for us,” said Milo optimistically.

Leo Guntara also carried high spirits. Together with his colleagues, the left-back player hopes for full support from the entire Samarinda community so that they can present the championship title.

“We believe that we will win,” he said loudly.

Meanwhile Arema FC looks relaxed and carefree. This has been shown since Arema FC underwent official training at the Segiri Stadium, Samarinda on July 16, 202). All the players seemed to enjoy the training session cheerfully. Not infrequently there are things that provoke laughter.

“Facing the match later the players look quite enjoy. This is an important thing in the team. We must not be nervous about the match,” said Arema FC coach Eduardo Almeida.

Eduardo Almeida is optimistic about the match. “Of course we are optimistic, everyone is ready to fight for victory,” he added.


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