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Aprilia SR-GT Officially Paved in Indonesia

Aprilia SR-GT Officially Paved in Indonesia

SUCCESS was exhibited for the first time at the 2021 EICMA motorcycle and accessories exhibition in Milan, Italy, and introduced in Indonesia in the second round of the 2022 Mandalika MotoGP, the Aprilia SR-GT is finally officially marketed in Indonesia. This sporty premium scooter has an Enduro World inspired design that makes it ideal for adventure, whether on urban trails or on trails with unpredictable conditions.

Aprilia is the flagship sporty brand of the Piaggio Group with a strong heritage in racing, having won 294 Grand Prix, making it the European manufacturer that holds the record for the most wins in the history of two-wheeled competition.

“The Aprilia brand always strives to bring the aura and spirit of the competitive and prestigious MotoGP circuit to the streets in Indonesia. One of them is by presenting the Aprilia SR-GT 200 as the newest and most extraordinary product from the Aprilia family which remains true to the essence of the Aprilia brand, namely ‘designed’. for racers, built for riders’, but still relevant for everyday driving, so that it can answer the need for a premium automatic scooter that is unique, stylish, and sporty,” said Managing Director & Country CEO of PT Piaggio Indonesia Marco Noto La Diega, Saturday ( 16/7).

The wide open design handlebar on the Aprilia SR-GT offers ultimate control, supported by a long-travel suspension and increased ground clearance and tire selection that allows the rider to venture on a variety of road surfaces, from asphalt to rock and dirt roads.

From the side, the Aprilia SR-GT looks slim and sleek, with reduced overhangs and bold dynamic lines that emphasize its sporty character.

In addition to housing the tank, the center column also serves to connect the front and rear, giving the SR-GT the appearance of an agile motorcycle. The Aprilia SR-GT driver’s seat is also slightly pulled back, giving the impression of being ‘active and ready’ compared to other scooters.

At the front there is a cluster of three full LED lights, which is the hallmark of sport bikes from the Aprilia brand, as well as a double fairing that appears on the side of the shield. There is also the addition of windshield and wide open handlebars.

The dual-seat frame in high-strength steel tubes is paired with a new long-range suspension developed specifically for this model.cWith its sophisticated chassis, it features light alloy wheels measuring 14 inches at the front and 13 inches at the rear, as well as wide-section tires (110/80 and 130/70), the Aprilia SR-GT weighs only 148 kg when the tank is full. The braking system uses a 260 mm petal front disc and a 220 mm rear disc (petal-shaped for the Sport version).

The Aprilia SR-GT also stands out with a minimum ground clearance of 175 mm which allows the rider to easily overcome any bumps on the road. The Aprilia SR-GT 200 is armed with the i-get engine, with electronic injection, four valves and liquid cooling with a capacity of 174ccc producing 17.6 hp at 8,500 rpm and 16.5 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm. This machine is also equipped with a Start & Stop system known as RISS (Regulator Inverter Start & Stop System).

To further introduce the Aprilia SR-GT to the Indonesian market, PT Piaggio Indonesia held the Aprilia Experience on July 17, 2022 in the Dome Senayan Park (Spark) area, Jakarta for the public. This activity offers automotive lovers to directly experience the performance of the Aprilia SR-GT and showcase the racing nuances of the Aprilia product range in Indonesia, as well as accessories and merchandise from Aprilia. (S-4)


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