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Approaching the D-Day of Marriage, Erina Gudono is confused because of this


Towards a few days married to Kaesang Pangarep, Erina Gudono in the middle of a mess.

To note, all preparations wedding between Kaesang Pangarep and Erina Gudono is almost completely ready to be held.

CEO of Wedding Organizer Bride Production, Dani Wigung, revealed that preparations for the wedding of President Jokowi’s youngest son were ready, including the series before the D-day.

Dani stated that in order to prepare for the series before the D-day at Erina’s residence, a number of tents were currently being put up. The target is to finish on December 7.

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“Because on December 8 there is already a recitation agenda here,” he explained, Thursday (1/1/2022).

Asked about the clothes that Erina Gudono would wear on her wedding day on December 10, Dani said that currently it was still in the discussion stage.

“Tomorrow, I’m still confused because Ms. Erina’s profile is really beautiful, so I want Paes Ageng to wear Jogja Putri. So let Ms. Erina discuss it with the makeup team first,” he explained.

But for the traditional clothes that are used by Erina and Kaesang, namely Gagrak Jogja.

“Because in Jogja, it’s Jogja customs, for Solo people, they use Solo customs,” he added.

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“[Riasan] There are two choices in Jogja, Paes Ageng or Jogja Putri. We’ll see which one Ms. Erina will wear, they’re all good,” he said.

During the Panggih procession, clothing and make-up in the style of Jogja’s traditional traditions will also remain at the forefront.

“So if Ms. Erina’s preparations are all clear, the clothes have also been detected, then all that’s left is Paes Jogja Putri or Paes Ageng. Because there are many considerations, I like this, I like that,” he said.

The difference between paes ageng and paes putri, according to Dani, is that for paes ageng, for hair styling, you will braid your hair until it is bald, then use gold prada on the forehead area. So that the lines appear clear.

“But if the Jogja Putri Paes has the same pattern, the shape is the same, but wears straight, there is a hair tie. It is not given prada. On [wajah] Miss Erina, if Jogja is a good daughter, Paes Ageng is good,” he said.


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