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Apart from being a side dish, now delicious Onion Chicken can also be found in Bakpao Creations | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – The delicacy of onion chicken is undeniably able to increase appetite when served. Moreover, if the seasoning is perfectly absorbed and eaten hot, the taste will be even more complete.

However, besides being used as a side dish with rice, it turns out that this delicacy of onion chicken can also be made into other dishes. One of them is used as stuffing for buns. Curious as to what?

Can be found in Jakarta

You can also find this bakpao creation with onion chicken filling at Jakarta. This snack is presented by the Legendary Father, which is already famous for its meatballs as its mainstay menu.

Interestingly, Father Legenda is not a bakpao shop yesterday afternoon. On the other hand, this bakery has been selling dumplings for years. The recipe has been passed down from generation to generation, and the good thing is still maintained today. No wonder the taste of the dumplings is as legendary as the name suggests.

Made from Quality Materials

┬ęSweet and Delicious/Legendary Father

Thanks to its reputation as a legendary bakpao maker, the taste of the Bakpao Legenda is rarely doubted by customers. Moreover, to make the creations of these buns, Ayaho Legenda really uses high-quality ingredients.

From the raw materials for the bread dough, to the filling, the best are selected. The chicken used is selected healthy and free of disease, then processed with natural spices as seasoning.

After being cooked well, the onion chicken is then put into the bun as a filling. Experience never betrays results. With his skills, the Legendary Father is able to make the stuffing of the onion chicken perfectly stored without anything coming out of the bun at all.

Stuffing it will be a surprise for people who eat it. Because, the creation of the onion chicken will only be felt, after the bun is chewed. The combination of soft and soft bread, blends perfectly with the delicious stuffing of onions in it.

Undoubtedly when eaten immediately addictive from the first chew. Moreover, if eaten warm, it will be more appetizing. Considering that Father Legenda makes it from natural ingredients, this onion chicken bun is safe for anyone to eat, including family at home.

Moreover, Father Legenda also makes it every day, so that the freshness is maintained until it arrives in the hands of consumers. In addition to the taste of this onion chicken, Ayaho Legenda also presents other variants. So that you can order according to your taste, just pre-order easily through ManisdanSedap.com.

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