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Aldila Norman Azharamdani and Rininta Amandla Sari Justianto Love that Heals

Aldila Norman Azharamdani and Rininta Amandla Sari Justianto Love that Heals

LOVE that is not hindered by serious illness is also proven by Aldila Norman Azharamdani, or familiarly called Azha, and Rininta Amandla Sari Justianto, or fondly called Cinta. A month before the wedding, Cinta was diagnosed with blood cancer or leukemia.

Cinta and Azha have known since middle school and have been friends since high school. Their special relationship only blossomed after Cinta studied S-2 in the United States. In 2014, Azha asked Cinta to be her lover.

Four years after dating, Azha decides to propose to Cinta and their parents approve. It was during the time of taking care of the wedding preparations that Cinta often felt unwell.

When present at Kick Andy, Azha also revealed that she still remembers when she called Cinta who was already being treated at the emergency unit (ER). That night, the anomaly in Cinta’s blood was feared to be leukemia.

Love was decided to undergo treatment in Singapore. The unpredictable course of treatment made Cinta’s family willing to let Azha go if they wanted to end the relationship.

“Papa (Love’s father) conveyed to me, here Papa’s position is very understanding if you want to postpone this marriage first or not to marry Cinta and you can do your daily activities as usual,” said Azha, imitating Cinta’s father’s words when he was present. as a guest on Kick Andy titled Miracle of Lovewhich airs on Sunday (17/7) at 21.05 WIB on Metro TV.

Love also said the same thing to Aza. However, these statements did not change Azha’s determination at all. For him, illness can happen to anyone, including himself. “Either I’m sick or I’m suddenly down, surely Love is beside me. There I immediately wanted to accompany Love for treatment in Singapore until he recovers,” the 31-year-old continued.

Azha even decided to hasten his marriage so that he could accompany Cinta in Singapore. Azha and Cinta feel facilitated in every way for their marriage. Their data that has been entered into the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) also allows them to have a wedding at the hospital the next day.

Finally, on July 4, 2018, Cinta and Azha have said the sacred promise even with a very simple marriage. Two days later, they immediately started treatment in Singapore

After four months in the hospital, post-transplant, for one month Cinta must be in isolation. Cinta and Azha just returned to Indonesia after about 1.5 years in Singapore.

“He (Azha) is really there 24 hours next to me. Even at the hospital, there was no thought for Azha to go for a walk. Always in the hospital room, eating, sleeping, watch TV, Just like that keep on working. So, every day you don’t want to take a look I. Apart from Azha, all of the family too support I. It really builds my spirit through it all,” recalls Cinta.

Even Azha also participated in bald head after Cinta’s hair was shaved after chemotherapy. “I also want accompany Love also because I know that hair is one of the most important things for women,” said Azha.

Cinta tells that, during healing, not only her body had to struggle, but her mental illness was also being toyed with. The decision to carry out a transplant must also be carried with high risks, one of the effects is a low chance of having children.

Now that Azha has returned to work in oil and gas infrastructure construction, she has been working there for three years. Cinta is no longer working in the family company. Instead, he became a kindergarten teacher. “Now teaching kindergarten. Actually this passion me from before. In college, I used to (work) part-time when I go to school outside because it’s always been happy to teach and likes small children,” said Cinta.

Now Cinta and Azha want to live a normal household life. They feel they have been prepared for the ordeal at the start of their marriage in hopes of making them stronger. For Cinta and Azka, the healthiest support system and environment is a family that is always there in good and bad times. (*/M-1)


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