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After being investigated, Brigadier J’s lover’s cellphone was confiscated by the police

After being investigated, Brigadier J’s lover’s cellphone was confiscated by the police

Selebtek.voice.com – The police are now examining the lover of Brigadier Nopryansah Yosua Hutabarat alias Brigadier J named Vera Simanjuntak related to the murder case that occurred at the house of the Propam Head of Division on Friday (8/7/2022).

Vera was questioned at the Jambi Regional Police Headquarters on Sunday (24/7/2022). He was accompanied by a number of his lawyers, including Ramos Hutabarat and Ferdi Marcel Kesek. It turned out that Vera had been examined since Saturday (23/7/2022) the day after yesterday.

Reported by Metrojambi.com (media partner Suara.com) the examination on Sunday was carried out by cyber crime investigators. The examination started at 11.00 WIB and only finished around 18.50 WIB. Vera came wearing a black and white polka dot mask and shirt.

Ferdi Marcel said his client last communicated with Brigadier J at around 16:43 WIB, the day Brigadier J was declared dead.

“There was communication before the shootout occurred,” said Ferdi.

However, Ferdi was reluctant to describe the contents of Vera’s communication with Brigadier J. Vera herself said that there was nothing strange about her communication with her lover at that time.

“Before that incident there were no irregularities. We communicate as usual,” he said.

Although there was nothing unusual, Vera’s cellphone was taken by the police. This was confirmed by another attorney for Vera, Ramos Hutabarat.

“Vera’s iPhone brand cellphone was confiscated by investigators and used as evidence,” he said on Sunday night.

In a statement to reporters after accompanying Vera, Ramos Hutabarat said that Vera was being investigated regarding reports of the premeditated murder of Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat.

Ramos said that Vera had been examined for two days. Among the questions asked by investigators was the communication between Vera and Brigadier Joshua.

“Investigators asked for their last conversation,” said Ramos at the Jambi Regional Police Headquarters.

Meanwhile, during the examination on Saturday, said Ramos, investigators asked Vera 32 questions.

“Today, we only explored 32 questions that were asked by investigators yesterday,” he said.


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