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Aeluna Invites Women to Appear More Confident

Aeluna Invites Women to Appear More Confident

Lots beauty brand currently involving the role of women in its implementation. However, brands in Indonesia that focus on supporting women’s empowerment are still relatively rare. Established since 2021, Aeluna is officially present as a brand that not only presents care and beauty products, but also puts forward the values ​​of empowering women.

Through the launch event titled Glow The Outer You, Shine The Inner Younot only present to introduce their products, Aeluna also conveyed new aspects of beauty for women by promoting positive values ​​such as diversity, caring, and confidence in addition to other beauty values ​​such as elegant, integrity, and passionate. “Through these values, we want to bring a positive message and invite women to be more confident. We want to embrace imperfection and encourage the authentic beauty of every woman,” said Almiranti Fira, CEO & Co-Founder of Aeluna,. through the official statement received Indonesian Media, Monday (25/7)

This understanding of beauty is also expressed in the word Aeluna itself, which is taken from the two words Aelia which means sun and Luna which means moon. “Both of them represent their own beauty, just like every woman who has their own beauty and cannot be generalized,” Fira added.

Beauty trends of the past few years often feature models who look perfect, from blemish-free skin to perfect eyebrows. However, nowadays beauty trends have shifted that beauty is not always about appearance, but health is becoming more important. A study conducted by Watsons on 11,000 women under the age of 45 in Asia and Europe found 82% of them stated that health is the main factor that makes a woman beautiful. “In harmony with tagline We are also the theme of today’s event, namely Glow the Outer You, Shine the Inner You. We want to invite and support all women to look beautiful both from the outside and from the inside, “explained Nadya Aqilla as CMO & Co-Founder of Aeluna.( RO/M-4)


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