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Aceh Animal Husbandry UPTD Car Hits Motorbike to Death | merdeka.com

Aceh Animal Husbandry UPTD Car Hits Motorbike to Death |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – A traffic accident between a Toyota Hilux car with a red plate pickup BL 8078 AE and a Yamaha motorcycle occurred on Jalan Blang Bintang – Ie Su’um, to be precise in Gampong Data Makmur, Blang Bintang, Aceh Besar, yesterday. The motorcycle rider, ZUL (25), died at the scene.

Kasatlantas Polresta Banda Aceh Kompol Radhika Angga Rista, said his party had arrested the driver of the car initials MN (44) resident of Ulee Lueng, Aceh Besar.

“The red-plate Hilux car belongs to the Aceh Animal Husbandry Unit, driven by MN,” he said, Monday (25/7).

According to Radhika, the motorcyclist died on the spot due to the heavy impact. His head was bruised and blood was coming out of his nose.

“While the car driver was not injured, only in shock,” he said.

Radhika explained, when the accident occurred, the UPTD Aceh Animal Husbandry red plate car came from the SIM Lanud towards the palm garden, with a speed of approximately 80 km/hour. Meanwhile, the Yamaha motorcycle driven by ZUL came from the opposite direction at moderate speed.

Arriving at the scene, the left tire of the Toyota Hilux Pickup fell into the shoulder of the road, the driver tried to return it to its original position by slamming the steering wheel. However, too to the right without paying attention to the situation of traffic flow coming from the opposite direction.

“So that the front bumper hit the front of the motorcycle, then there was an accident,” said Commissioner Radhika.

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