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Aam Amir Hamzah Icke Roesmiyati Hamzah: The Power of First Sight

Aam Amir Hamzah Icke Roesmiyati Hamzah: The Power of First Sight

KICK Andy episode Miracle of Love which airs tonight presents two stories that are proof of loyalty and sincerity of love. The first story is a man who is willing to wait 20 years to get his idol, even though his lover is sentenced to not live long.

The male figure is Aam Amir Hamzah with his idol, Icke Roesmiyati Hamzah. Their story went viral in 2018, after it was revealed by their first child, Dr. Gia Pratama who is indeed active in providing health education via social media.

Aam, who was born in Tasikmalaya, August 15, 1955, comes from a farming family. The 11th child of 13 siblings has been going down to the fields since elementary school. One day, while helping plow the fields, Aam saw a girl his age riding a wagon. He was so fascinated by the white girl wearing the red dress.

The girl is Icke who every weekend visits her grandmother’s house which is close to where Aam lives. However, when he was in junior high school, Aam could no longer see Icke because he had to move to Banjarmasin to follow his brother.

Aam was only able to meet Icke again after he returned to Tasikmalaya to enter high school. Aam, who was boarding at Icke’s house at that time, was finally able to meet his idol during Eid. Aam still remembers that his heart felt like it was going to burst when he saw Icke who was already living in Jakarta with his biological father.

As they chatted, Icke’s confession that he really liked the doctor and pilot professions made Aam determined to be one of them. Aam chose to become a pilot, which at that time didn’t cost as much as a doctor’s school.

By 1976, Aam had succeeded in becoming a co-pilot. He was also confident to find Icke’s house in Jakarta. However, many times he came, Aam always found Icke was out of the house. Good luck only came to him in 1981, when he happened to find Icke a passenger on the plane to Surabaya that he was piloting.

“At the very front there is a girl sitting, but again look to the window, wearing black glasses, short, white hair, then dressed as a career woman. I guessed that it was Neng Icke,” recalled Aam. Icke told me that at that time he was surprised to see Aam, who used to ride a buffalo, had succeeded in becoming a pilot captain.

Aam and Icke’s next meeting occurs at Icke’s 15th wedding anniversary party. Since then their relationship has become close even though they are only friends because Aam does not dare to confess his love for Icke, who has become a career woman. In fact, one of Aam’s older brothers asked them to formalize their relationship.

When Aam said he was serious, Icke said he would consider it, but he asked not to want to live in poverty. Unexpectedly, it was Aam’s next answer that made Icke’s heart melt. “God willing, I will work as a pilot and not bring illicit money into the house,” said Aam at the time. “It melted. There I felt, I think I want to be his wife,” continued Icke with a smile.

Cancer verdict

Like a film that has many surprises, their next love journey in fact did not go straight to the aisle. When Icke’s father had given his blessing and the wedding preparations had been taken care of, six months before the party, Icke was diagnosed with lymph cancer.

Icke decides not to marry and breaks off his relationship with Aam. However, once again Aam’s determination made him melt. “But Neng, Kang Aam really loves Neng. God willing, Neng, if love can cure disease too. I want to be Neng’s husband with true love,” Aam said at the time.

Aam also proved his loyalty by patiently waiting for Icke to want to continue the wedding plans while going to Singapore for treatment. Icke, who was sentenced to only last two years, was able to recover from his illness. However, the healing did not necessarily make him really want to marry Aam.

The news of the plane crash made Icke ask Aam to promise not to die in an accident. “Use an agreement, okay? noKang Aam promise, Kang Aam will not leave Neng with an accident,” Icke asked at the time. By willing to promise, Aam became more careful when on duty. Finally, after long patience, Aam was able to marry his idol in 1984.

Now, Aam and Icke are living their old age with the power of love that never diminishes. In retirement, they do not forget to share by establishing the Amir Hamzah Foundation by establishing PAUD schools for underprivileged children. They believe that love never breaks and always grows.

“I have never regretted in the slightest for deciding to marry Neng Icke. Until now I still express love then I also still feel the balance of what I give and I get,” concluded Aam. (M-1)


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