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69 thousand residents in the city of Bandung will get BLT, here’s how to check it | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – A total of 69 thousand residents of Bandung City included in beneficiary families (KPM) will receive direct cash assistance (BLT) for the transfer of fuel subsidies (BBM). Head of Bandung City Social Service Soni Bakhtiyar said the BLT would be distributed twice per two months.

The amount of the BLT is IDR 600 thousand. According to him, the BLT was distributed to increase people’s purchasing power.

“Currently it is still in the verification and validation stage of data because there are additions every day. We are checking data from the province and PT Pos,” said Soni to reporters, Tuesday (6/9).

The government, he said, again collaborated with PT Pos Indonesia to distribute the BLT to KPMs that had been registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos).

In addition to the Social Service which validates the data, according to him, the public can also check their respective data through the official website on the Integrated Data for Social Welfare (DTKS).

The location for the distribution of BLT will be at the Post Office, sub-district office, and at their respective locations specifically for the disabled, the elderly and seriously ill, after coordinating with PT Pos and the sub-district.

“For residents who cannot take directly specifically for disabilities, the elderly and seriously ill, we will do it on site,” said Soni.

He also appealed to the public to be patient while waiting for the data validation process. According to him, the Bandung City Government is ready for the distribution, but still needs to wait for the results of verification and validation.

“We are ready, we ask the public to be patient, the process is ongoing,” he concluded.



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