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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Vape Addiction, Number 3 The Easiest To Do

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Vape Addiction, Number 3 The Easiest To Do

Suara.com – vape or electronic cigarettes are often used as an excuse for people who want to quit smoking. Yet vaping is just as addictive and dangerous as cigarettes, according to experts. Because, the number one addictive component in e-cigarette form of nicotine.

Doctor of addiction treatment and director of the Nicotine Addiction Center at the Mayo Clinic, United States, Dr. Taylor Hays says teens have natural greater potential vape addiction. This is because the adolescent brain is still developing so it is easier to form addictions.

“Long-term addiction is a concern in young people because their brains are developing,” Hays said.

Vape aka e-cigarette. (Shutterstock)

Another thing to worry about is that after teenagers are addicted to nicotine from vaping, they will switch to tobacco cigarettes. Although there is not much information about the long-term effects of vaping, the habit is still considered a red flag.

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Hays shares tips on planning for quitting smoking and vaping.

1. Set a destination and stop date

Setting a target time limit is one strategy to overcome addiction. Start by setting a date for making changes and finally stop for good.

Then, set a goal of how the target is to be achieved. Telling others about your goals will also encourage you to remain responsible for achieving your goals.

2. Make a plan

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Some people who vape feel attached to the habit because of social pressure. The environment is the biggest challenge to stop the consumption of e-cigarettes.


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