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20,652 E-catalog products were frozen due to procedural violations | merdeka.com


womidea.com – The Government Goods/Services Procurement Policy Agency (LKPP) froze 20,652 e-catalog products, because they listed unreasonable prices and did not meet specifications. Of these, 14,161 imported products were also frozen. Because they already have the same product substitution as made by domestic producers.

“As of today, 20,652 products have been frozen or dropped from the e-catalog. Then LKPP froze 14,161 imported products because there have been substitutes for similar products that can be made by domestic producers,” said LKPP Head Hendrar Prihadi at the 2-year Presidential Instruction coordination meeting. 2022 at ICE BSD, Tangerang Regency, Tuesday (29/11).

According to the former Mayor of Semarang, there are many domestic products so that imported e-catalog products are frozen or down.

“So, in this catalog, once it is found, we have the ability to make domestic products, which we import or freeze or drop broadcasts,” he said.

Meanwhile, e-catalog products that were frozen due to unreasonable prices were 3,910 products. “For example, the product price was Rp. 10,000, then LKPP observed that the price increased by more than 25 percent because it turned out that there would be a transaction. However, a week after the transaction, the product price was lowered again,” he said.

Hendrar also said that 2,581 products had frozen that did not comply with the specifications that appeared in the e-catalog.

“These are the records that we found in the catalog transaction process,” he explained.

However, his party admitted that he was preparing an academic draft of a bill on public goods/services procurement which was confirmed to have been included in the 2023 national legislation program (Prolegnas).

“It is hoped that by 2024 our country will have a law on the procurement of goods and services,” said Hendrar.

In more detail, he explained that the material for the bill on the procurement of public goods/services, among other things, contains affirmations for domestic products, affirmations for MSEs and Cooperative products, transparency, oversight and public participation, simplification and acceleration of the procurement process, digital transformation and related to sustainable procurement, and international trade agreements governing procurement.

“As well as related sanctions and dispute resolution,” he said. [cob]

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