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15 Motorcycle Gang Members in Jambi Convoy Bring Sharp Weapons | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – 15 motorcycle gangs that act in Jambi City were arrested police, Sunday (11/9). Most of the perpetrators of this motorcycle gang are still minors. They carried out convoys and carried sharp weapons.

“This motorcycle gang was arrested in various different places from Jambi City to Kumpeh Ulu District, Muarojambi,” said Jambi Police Chief Kombes Pol Eko Wahyudi. Quoted from Antara.

Eko explained that the arrested motorcycle gang was divided into two groups, namely the Kita-Kita family motorcycle gang and the Haji Kamil motorcycle gang.

“Where are 12 people from our motorcycle gang – we are family and three people from the Haji Kamil motorcycle gang,” he said.

He explained that this ‘kita-kita family’ motorcycle gang is a combination of various regions such as South Jambi District, East Jambi and a number of areas in Jambi City. Meanwhile, Haji Kamil’s motorcycle gang is from a group around the South Jambi District.

The identities of the members of the Kita-kita Family motorcycle gang that were secured were BD (15), AR (15), FR (15), WL (15), BM (15), MF (15), RR (14), MF ( 14), NP (15), MD (15), RF (15) and SA (15).

While the identities of the members of the Haji Kamil motorcycle gang are RR (17), MR (16) and AEP (19).

The evidence that was secured were two sickles, one short samurai sword and one long samurai sword.

Eko added, for the perpetrators who went viral slashing and stealing fruit shops, namely from the Haji Kamil motorcycle gang. “The one that went viral yesterday was the Haji Kamil gang,” he said.

The Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Jambi Police, Kompol Afrito Marbaro Macan, said that no special guidance was given to the perpetrators of motorcycle gangs.

“We’ll just raise the file immediately, there will be no coaching later on, there will be calls for parents,” he explained.



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